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Green Hills with Blue Sky




As of June 2019,
I do have open hours for new clients
so please do call or email me.
I look forward to speaking with you.
And also I'm happy to announce the publication of my latest book
There Are No Accidents in Love and Relationships
from Chiron Publications
(click on My Books here for more information and to order)

For almost three decades now, I have been privileged as a marriage and family therapist

to make a difference
in people's lives
to use all of my gifts

on behalf of others
for healing and wholeness

My background encompasses a number of different models and approaches.  I am most known for being a Jungian-oriented therapist but also important to my professional identity has been

Formal training in pastoral counseling and spiritual direction

Long-term object-relations psychodynamic treatment

Cognitive-behavioral approaches to depression, health and sexuality concerns

Many years of being an "out" gay male therapist and activist in the Bay Area GLBT community.

Best-selling author, public speaker, teacher, supervisor and professional consultant

Does all that make me "eclectic"?  I guess it does!

But I would like to think it makes me well-equipped to help YOU wherever YOU might be in your life.  That's what I look forward to talking with you about when we meet.

And please do feel free to check my page here, "Taking Time to Reflect, Making Space for New Growth," where I talk about the various aspects of my own personal approach to psychotherapy, healing and wholeness, for a better sense of how I hold my work as a psychotherapist.

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